A Great Beginning to a New Session

This week was the first week of the spring session. For this session we gained a new member. Welcome Emilia! We also had a new instructor join us in place of Kat who had to leave early to go fishing in Alaska. Welcome Emily “Ems”!

We started out by playing some games so we could all get to know each other a little bit better. Once we all felt a little closer, we sat down and did some meal planing for our longboat journey. Next we took a field trip out to the dock so we could check up on the wind.

Using our handy dandy booklets, which included a Beaufort sale, we determined  the wind was blowing at a 4,  a moderate breeze (13-18 mph).


After that we made our way to the local Sail Loft where we learned loads about sails and how they are made and repaired.


Alison  graciously showed us around the shop. She showed us how different panels are measured, cut, and put together to create a new sail or reinforce old, wind-battered ones.

She also gave us a demonstration of how to use different tools to do some hand-sewing, which they do quite a bit of on the sails they work on.

With lots learned and lots accomplished we made our way back to the Maritime Center where we ended the day running around in the wind and enjoying the spring sunshine.