An Intensive Week of Boat Building

This summer a crew of eight hardworking girls has gotten together to spend an intensive week working on the work punt. Three hours of hard work each morning.


This is how it started out



For this week we split up into three groups: side planking, bottom planking, and making personal bevel gauges. Throughout the week we have been switching between the groups so that everyone gets to try everything.



Kathryn and Anna began the week cutting, planing, and fitting side planks.



Harper, Aurin, and Charlotte, got a good start on creating the planks for the bottom of the boat.


Magdolena, Emilia, and Linea were able to get a majority of their Bevel Gauges done.



Each day the girls made more and more progress. In just two days we had about two thirds of the bottom planking done, one side plank on, and two girls finished with their bevel gauges.