Fabulous First Day!

First days don’t get much better than this! We decided to take advantage of the stellar weather this week and go sailing on Dorjun. She is a beautiful double-ended lifeboat that was built in 1905 and she’s an amazing way to see the water.

Lara introduces us to some important parts of the boat.

We spent a few minutes getting to know each other, learning to tie a cleat hitch,  and touring the boat shop before we set out to enjoy the afternoon.

Chloe blowing the horn to let other boats know we are leaving the marina.

After we left the marina, we raised our sails and used our cleat hitches to make our halyards fast.

After tacking to avoid a line of crab pots, we brought out our snacks. Then we had a moment of silence- where we quietly experienceed the environment with all of our senses. 

We are still looking for a few more girls to join this hearty crew as we learn about boating, woodworking, and boat building this year. If you are interested please contact Chrissy McLean at chrissy@nwmaritime.org.

Fiona mastering snack time!
Sailing is a nice way to enjoy the afternoon.


Underway and enjoying the view!

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