Boat Frames and Tool Trays on a Blustery Day

Today was blustery and rainy, a perfect day to spend in the shop. We started off the day with some knot tying practice while we waited for everyone to arrive. Cleat hitches and reef knots were the focus today.

Practicing our reef knots






After getting to know more about each other with a game of “West Wind Blows” we headed down to the shop. We split into two groups, with half of us starting to work on our tool trays and the other half building frames for the boat.

At the end of the day each girl shared what she worked on, the tools that she used, and the challenges she overcame in working on her project. Girls became more confident in making cuts with a pull saw and using a block plane. They also learned that a lighter touch is helpful with those tools.

The group making boat frames learned how to use a scale and dividers to transfer dimensions from the plans to the frame patterns. They were challenged by making this complex shape and then cutting it out on the band saw.

Emilia planing her tool tray pieces
Emma making one of many cuts for her tool tray
Making frame patterns is fun!
Fiona and Lizzy share what they learned about making frames

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